Qantas Airways will test 20-hour non-stop flight on employees

Created on 06.09.2019 10:10

In October this year, Qantas, Australian airline, plans to test the longest flight in the world, according to Bloomberg.
The airline wants to test passenger experience on a non-stop 20-hour flight before launching new routes from Sydney to London and New York.
According to Qantas Airways representatives, in test mode, they are exploring how the human body will respond to such a long flight.
For testing, about 40 airline employees will be invited, who will be under medical supervision and describe their feelings during the flight.
In 2022, Qantas Airways intends to launch direct routes from Australia to England and the United States.
However, Alan Joyce, airline CEO, clarifies that the carrier has not yet decided on the type of aircrafts, which these flights will be operated. It was also unclear, how to ensure maximum comfort for passengers on board almost throughout the day.
Nevertheless, 20-hour non-stop flights are a breakthrough for commercial aviation, and long flights launch will undoubtedly become a new milestone in the development of civil air transportation. “What we learn in the preparing process of such flights will be an invaluable experience,” said Joyce.