Lufthansa has allowed passengers to choose a fuel for the flight

Created on 09.09.2019 10:15

Lufthansa, German air carrier, at the beginning of August, has launched the test site Compensaid (, by which passengers will be able to replace jet fuel on their flights with sustainable fuel from renewable bio-sources (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). According to the company, by this service, passengers can reduce harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80%. Compensaid allows the user to compose their own travel history and CO2 emissions, both on flights with Lufthansa, and in the case of flights with other carriers.
Fuel from renewable bio-sources is considered carbon neutral, since CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are almost completely neutralized by the plants from which it is produced. However, such fuel is almost four times more expensive than traditional jet fuel. Therefore, this initiative has not yet been successful on the sectoral or state level. For those who wish to replace the classic fuel from fossil resources with SAF, Compensaid calculate the market premium and offer the passenger to pay it.
The company noted, that the acquired biofuel will be purchased and used on Lufthansa flights within six months after payment. Service users would get a detailed assessment of their entire travel history, which not only includes the flights distance, time and destinations, but also shows the effectiveness of the appropriate type of aircraft, individual fuel consumption and the associated volume of CO2 emissions.