Cheap air tickets around Europe would disappear soon

Created on 12.09.2019 11:06

Cheap air tickets would soon disappear in EU countries. The new Protection Law Climate has caused amendments, according to FVW.
The German authorities are acting for imposing additional fees, which would disseminated to low-cost flights. According to deputies, Europe should standardize a pricing system for air travel. The additional climate fee will be paid, first of all, low-cost airlines with tickets below 50 euros.
In July, the French authorities have announced their plans to introduce an environmental tax on air tickets from the beginning of 2020. Depending on the ticket type and class of service, the total fee would be from 1.50 to 18 euros.
The Dutch government has also announced plans to introduce an environmental tax in 2021. Local authorities said for inclusion additional fee of 7 euros in each ticket for a flight, departing from the country.
Since 2018, eco-fee for sale tickets has already been operating in Sweden. It constitutes from 6 to 39 euros depending on the destination.