British airports will lift the ban on carried liquids

Created on 16.09.2019 15:03

According to The Sun publication, by 2022, 3D luggage scanners would be placed in all UK airports, which would allow to carry liquids in hand luggage and reduce queues for pre-flight screening.
New 3D scanners are already installed at Heathrow Airport (London), and have been tested since 2017. The devices are displaying for security personnel more clearly image, which can be zoomed in and viewed from all sides. Therefore, passengers also would not have to remove the laptop from the clothes during the inspection. At the moment, you can take liquid up to 100 ml bottles in the cabin, and for inspection the bottles need to be laid out from the bag and placed in a special transparent bag.
The UK Ministry of Transport declare, the new scanners will increase the level of passenger safety and make the work of air harbor employees “smoother and less stressful”.