Construction and installation works were carried out in accordance with the Investment Enterprise Plan for 2019-2023 at the Aktau subsidiary

Created on 08.10.2019 10:34

According to the above-mentioned plan, the resource of the landing system SP-90, which has exceeded the service life, has been replaced on ILS NORMARC 7000.
Also, installation works on the backup equipment implementation were carried out at the objects of the meteorological service.
Unconditionally, these measures increase the level of flight safety.
For comfortable work and improving the quality of workforce labor productivity, maintenance on painting fencing is carried out on the ATM Center territory, as well as roof renovation at the BPRM-296 object.
In order to give an aesthetic, ground improvement works were carried out - asphalt paths and platforms were laid, landscaping of the ATM Center facility, tree planting (thuja, sofora, ash), bushes (a privet), multi-annual flowers (rose, petunia) and lawn sowing, as well as an irrigation system was installed.