Qazaq Air will relocate to Nur Sultan at the end of 2019

Created on 09.10.2019 10:25

Until the end of 2019, the regional airline of Kazakhstan, Qazaq Air, will relocate all aircrafts from Almaty airport, where was founded, to the capital's harbor - Nur-Sultan Airport, according to the portal.

Aircraft basing in Nur-Sultan would allow the airline to increase fleet utilization efficiency, as well as optimize a crew work. Besides, the carrier will get additional development opportunities - development cooperation with other airlines within code-sharing agreements. The airline’s headquarters will also be moved to the capital of Kazakhstan at the beginning of 2020.

The base in Nur Sultan would allow Qazaq Air to optimize a set of existing routes. In addition, changing the airport base will lead to an increase in Qazaq Air passenger traffic and lower airfare.