Kazakhstan will adopt the European safety standards

Created on 17.10.2019 15:13

The International Civil Aviation Agency (CAAi) and the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan concluded an agreement on providing of technical assistance for the British civil aviation regulatory model transition, according to the, business information center.

During the next 12 months, regulatory experts of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Agency (UK CAA) will assist the AAK and analyze the legislation in Kazakhstan, suggest ways to further inclusion the EASA / EU provisions and their alignment with the British Civil Aviation Agency model. The second working process will focus on the AAK organizational structure and provide recommendations in accordance with the UK CAA model.

“We are pleased to cooperate with our colleagues in Kazakhstan, and our team is fully committed to supporting AAK. The legal framework modernization would create the solid foundation necessary for monitoring, which would allow Kazakhstan to receive more socio-economic benefits that aviation brings”, said Matthias Smith, Head of CAAi International Development Division after signing the contract.

According to the Beibut Atamkulov, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan , the primary functions of this organization will be the technical control and supervision of airlines and aircrafts, staff training in accordance with ICAO standards. The first stage of the project will begin in October 2019. It is expected, that this will be followed by a second stage, involving the five-year strategic plan development and an ensuring economic sustainability plan.