New modern meteorological equipment was installed in Aktau branch

Created on 12.11.2019 11:40

According to the Enterprise’s Investment Plan, a project on installing the back-up set of meteorological sensors as part of the KRAMS-4 integrated radio engineering aerodrome meteorological station was installed at the Meteorological Service of the Aktau Branch. The complete set includes sensors:
• Visibility meters (FS-11 nephelometers)
• AWS310 automated meteorological stations, including wind speed (WAA151) and wind direction (WAV151) sensors, as well as a temperature and humidity meters (HMP155).
• CL-31 laser ceilometers
The mobile container for the main monitoring stations has been installed, including a space for equipment and staff lounges. To improve the quality of electricity and ensure the uninterrupted electricity of the equipment, new positions are equipped with diesel generator sets.
These measures significantly have improved the quality of the branch’s meteorological service, had a favourable effect on air traffic safety, and took into account all the necessary recommendations of organizations regulating aviation activities.