The Kokshetau branch's leading meteorological engineer took the retirement

Created on 10.12.2019 17:10

Last week, Irina Vasilievna Stepanova, the leading engineer of the meteorological service, was retired for a well-deserved rest at the Kokshetau branch of the RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia”. From the branch leadership, I.V.Stepanova was awarded a letter of thanks. I.V.Stepanova graduated from Saratov State University with a degree in Meteorology. Since 1981, she has been working in civil aviation. Total work experience is more than 38 years.

Since 2015, after the representative reorganization of JSC “Kazaeroservice” AMSG Kokshetau, Irina Vasilievna was admitted to the Kokshetau branch of the RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia” as a leading engineer of the meteorological service.

Over the years in aviation, she has contributed much to the development of the meteorological service, had transferred her enormous productive, life experience and professional skills to young experts. She is a clear example for experienced colleagues and a wise mentor for younger generation.