Information of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE on the plane crash of «Bek Air» airline near Almaty

Created on 30.12.2019 17:30

On December 27, 2019 at the airport of Almaty, there was the plane crash of the «Bek Air» airline.

“Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE expresses its deepest condolences to families and friends of the fatalities and a speedy recovery to the injuries of the plane crash in Almaty.

Currently, there is information in the media that one of the possible cause is that «Bek Air» plane got into a aircraft trail from a previously taken off plane.

“Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE didn`t plan to comment on the possible causes of the accident, but in connection with the «Bek Air» airline`s assumptions on this issue, which contradict to reality, we are forced to note the following.

The Fokker-100 aircraft, as well as the Airbus A-321 aircraft taking off previous it, have a maximum take-off weight - up to 136 tons, and accordingly belong to the category of medium-sized aircraft.

In the Instruction of the organization of air traffic services, approved by order of the acting Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 16, 2011 No. 279, paragraph 186 stated that the minimum time interval during take-off from one runway for medium aircraft is 1 minute.

Intervals established in the Republic of Kazakhstan comply with Global requirements and standards, and similar intervals between takeoffs and landings of aircraft are set at all international airports.

According to the materials of objective control, the time interval between takeoffs of these aircraft was 2 minutes. Consequently, there were no violations of time intervals during take-off of these aircraft.