PBN implementation at the airport of Almaty

Created on 13.01.2020 12:00

On January 30, 2020 in the terminal airspace of Almaty airdrome, PBN patterns of departure, arrival and approach with the following navigation specifications will come into operation: RNAV 1 for departure pattern (SID) and arrival pattern (STAR), RNP APCH (LNAV / VNAV) for approach pattern.

In the process of developing these patterns, the concepts of “continuous climb operation (CCO) and “continuous decline operation (CDO)” were used.

In addition, the developed PBN patterns also include arrival procedures with a point of merge (Point Merge System), as well as arrival procedures with Trombone elements (Trombone).

 All patterns were successfully simulated on simulators both in the “Fast Time Simulation” mode and in the “Real Time Simulation” mode, as well as flight validation (flight checks).

These patterns are published in the amendment to AIP 01/2020, which is available on the Enterprise's website and can be downloaded at RU.html.