Sport is a power, youth and longevity

Created on 22.01.2020 15:41

As time has demonstrated, the foundation of a healthy team is corporate sport. Indeed, healthy lifestyle in our technological time is incredibly important: a nice well-being provides a great mood and a high level of working and labor efficiency.

In this regard, the Trade Union of the Kostanay branch of the RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia” has extended the contract with the sports center "Record" for the first half of 2020. This center allows employees to hold tournaments on mini-football, volleyball, as well as train their bodies in the gym each Saturday. This will be a good start before the competitions which will be organized in March this year and dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz.

Also, they are making preparations for a team trip to "Sosnovyi Bor," which is scheduled for February. A traditional trip will take place at the "Village in the bor", a recreation center, where ski races, skating and other various team games would be organized. A collaborative productive leisure impacts positively on a team cohesion. A healthy body makes a healthy spirit.