Specialists of the RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia” provide air navigation services despite the extreme weather conditions

Created on 28.01.2020 14:37

The natural disasters that have passed in recent days - blizzards, snowstorms and squally wind had showed how strong our CNS/ATM experts are in extreme conditions. If Kostanay escaped with "slight" shock such as access to objects, strong wind, poor visibility, then the remote position “Arkalyk” received the whole set of harsh winter: zero visibility, a gale-force wind, termination of the radar, power line breakage on six spans, operation on diesel engines within 5 days, being unable to make a change the duty technician within 4 days of 24-hour operation.

On January 24, 2020,  in order to ensure the overflight of the DME / VOR a lab - plane that broke through with difficulty, engineer V. Shevchenko and technician Y.Rodin, from 06 a.m. had to go around 5 km through a snowstorm and wind to a remote position. Current operation of the DME / VOR is the merit of these specialists.

Every day, employees of the "Arkalyk" remote position literally make their way to the object, fighting with natural forces for fail-safe, reliable operation of radar and radio navigation equipment. And there is no doubt - no element can prevent them from this, which means our little Arkalyk beacon would not switch off for even a minute for aircrafts in the boundless snowy sea of the Turgay steppe.