ATM Center personnel has reviewed the work of the ATM Service of Kostanay branch of RSE “Kazaeronavigatsia”

Created on 04.02.2020 10:23

Last week, a briefing was held between the ATM Service specialists and the ATM Center personnel. During the meeting, ATM Center representatives reviewed the work of the entire ATM Service of the Kostanay branch, ranging from a briefing control to the flight director operation.

Update information on innovations in ATM system and all answers to questions were provided. Special attention was focused on previous modifications in the airspace structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a transition to the foot measurement system, the procedure of crossing the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, coordination between the duty shift of the ATM Center and ATM controllers.

Participants reviewed the plans for 2020, upcoming changes in the airspace structure of the zone responsibility of the Kostanay branch. It was noted that a joint discussion of issues promotes the effectiveness between the regional ATM center and the ATM Service.

Participants commented favorably on the meeting advisability and outlined a new session, involving ATM Services, ATM Center, a military unit of the Air Defense Authority and airline representatives. The topic of discussion will be the spring-summer navigation and preparation for aerial-chemical works. In March 2020, joint mini-football competitions are scheduled, dedicated to the Nauryz celebration.