A working meeting on issues in light aviation community affecting flight safety was held in Almaty.

Created on 17.02.2020 10:49

A working meeting on issues in light aviation community affecting flight safety was held in Almaty. The meeting was attended by the heads of the Aviation administration of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Association of small aviation (KAMA), the Operators of light and ultralight aviation (ELISA), representatives of the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Transport Prosecutor's office and domestic general aviation airlines.
The head of flight safety of the Aviation administration of Kazakhstan, Linda Orlady, noted that "The New regulator will support flight safety in accordance with the best international standards and contribute to the development of the air transport sector in Kazakhstan".
To date, general aviation is represented by 41 airlines operating aircraft manufactured in the CIS and Western countries. The total number of “light and ultralight” aircraft is about 500 units. Companies carry out such aviation activities as: transport and communication flights, aircraft maintenance, aerial works for forest protection, medical assistance to the population, emergency rescue flights, search and rescue operations, sightseeing flights, search and survey flights, etc.
During the working meeting, the main attention was paid to the key factors of the achievement of an acceptable level of flight safety, including the legal regulation of ensuring safe activities in the field of small aircraft, the state of airworthiness, aircraft certification, the quality of pilot training, security at landing sites used by aircraft and air navigation support for small aircraft flights.
The aviation administration presented and reviewed in detail specific cases of aviation accidents and incidents, and noted the need for timely identification and elimination of the causes of aviation accidents.
The expediency of switching to a foot system for measuring the altitude of small aircraft is noted. This change was preceded by a lengthy discussion of all aspects of flight safety and analysis of reports on accidents and incidents related to incorrect pressure settings when flying below the transition level. Another important change in the air traffic management system is to bring the structure of the airspace in accordance with the requirements of ICAO. Also, since January 1, 2020, the number of search and rescue helicopter bases has been expanded, which provides almost complete coverage of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The aviation administration of Kazakhstan is constantly improving the quality and improvement of public services. Currently, for the convenience of citizens and legal entities, public services are provided through the Electronic licensing system of the Republic of Kazakhstan ( since the day of operation, the Aviation administration has provided 2088 public services.
The event included active discussions on the development of a safety culture in civil aviation. AAK Director General Peter Griffiths noted the importance and scale of the meeting, and that the Aviation administration will continue to provide full support to small aircraft community on safety issues.