Being a weather forecaster

Created on 18.02.2020 10:56

The coming winter has brought many surprises not only to our region, but also worldwide. Winter day alternates with spring day, weather inconsistency is the reason for engaging public utilities, and also for everyone and everything. The lack of roads, a cancellation of lessons in schools, closure of aerodromes and highways - are natural disasters.

Weather forecasters provide an information on upcoming changes in weather conditions, allowing people to make amendments to their actions. On February 11, an ambulance aircraft with a patient from Arkalyk, Kostanay region, had been landed at the Kostanay aerodrome. Due to a competent forecast, which had enabled to operate a flight, they saved the human life, because region routes were blocked due to snow.

During the winter of 2019-2020, twenty Small Aviation ambulance flights were operated for life-saving assistance by the Orlan-2000 and Navigator airlines in Kostanay region. The weather forecaster’s job is very complicated, laborious, responsible and at the same time interesting. Weather forecasting is an entire little scientific publication to which the knowledge, intuition and experience are invested. Day and night, experts have been working to make forecasts more reliable for aviators and air passengers.