Incomes of Kazakh air carriers have decreased by a third in a month

Created on 01.04.2020 15:35

Air carriers of Kazakhstan pass through hard times. Over the past month, they have earned 33% less than in January. Moreover, most of the lost revenue falls precisely on passenger traffic.

In January 2020, according to the Committee on Statistics of the MNE of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ministry of the National Economy), air carriers of Kazakhstan have earned 33.1 billion tenge. The second month had showed a significant revenue decrease - up to 22.1 billion tenge. Such recession cannot be described as a seasonal trend, because at the same periods of the last year,  the dynamics was negative, but had not gone beyond 7%.

Since the major share (97%) in the airline's revenue is precisely passenger transportation, a total revenue decrease was greatly affected by a passenger reduction. Based on the Comstat data of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in February the passenger turnover of domestic airlines fell by 20% (compared with January).

The situation was affected by both the coronavirus epidemic in the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and bad weather conditions separately. On February 3, air communication between Kazakhstan and China was discontinued, about 34 regular flights per week, according to the Civil Aviation Committee of the MIID of the RK. Previously, has reported that from the beginning of March, flight frequencies to South Korea, Iran and Azerbaijan will be reduced.

In general, according to the MNE CS data, the revenues of entire state officially registered airlines for 2019 have been exceeded 394 billion tenge. Growth compared to 2018 - by 17%.