Our safety is in hands of medicine

Created on 16.04.2020 15:06

In any field of activity, a person is required to have deep knowledge and professionalism. In medicine, in addition to these qualities, humanity and mercy are important.

A nurse of the medical documentation office for pilots and air traffic controllers of the Aviation Medical Center of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE Azimbayeva Karlyga Amangeldiyevna from the childhood dreamed of working in a white coat. In her life, she chose the most difficult and humane - medicine. The tradition of physicians is the tradition of selfless service to your beloved business.

When the whole world declared the fight against the coronavirus, Karlyga Amangeldiyevna without hesitation agreed to go to the Kokshetau branch in order to help the branch employees with all their strength, who, in turn, bear a huge responsibility for flight safety. Karlyga Amangeldiyevna arrived in Kokshetau on March 17, 2020. Starting that day she has been receiving workers, several times a day, taking temperature, keeping notes in a journal. Always friendly and kind.

On April 15 is the birthday of Karlyga Amangeldiyevna, who is carrying out her duties during a pandemic, away from her home. The administration and employees of the branch thanked her for her tireless work. They wished her good health, warmth and love, healthy and grateful patients, fewer worries and difficult cases at work, good luck and prosperity.