The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan hosted the first webinar for aviation industry

Created on 20.04.2020 11:00

The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan hosted the first webinar for aviation industry entities dedicated to Measures to restore the aviation industry in Kazakhstan. The main focus of the webinar is to consider actions to safely and effectively restart the aviation industry. The webinar was attended by representatives of domestic and foreign airlines, airports, aviation training centers.
The global aviation industry is one of the most affected areas by the coronavirus pandemic. According to ICAO forecasts, in the first half of 2020, the number of seats offered by airlines will be decrease by 56%, and the number of passengers transported will also be decreased by 593 million. Meanwhile, the airlines operating losses will amount to $132 billion US Dollars.
The negative consequences of the spread of infection also affected the civil aviation industry of Kazakhstan. To date, all scheduled domestic flights have been cancelled and 99% of all international flights have been reduced.
Aviation Administration is working to minimize the consequences of the pandemic and prepare for the restoration of the civil aviation industry in Kazakhstan.
In accordance with the Order No. 101 dated March 22 this year issued by General Director of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, the validity period of the following certificates is extended to 90 days:
Certificates of aviation personnel, qualification and special marks, the validity of which expire during the state of emergency;
ATC certificates and aviation operation certificates;
Civil aircraft operator certificates and aviation operation certificates;
Certificates of airworthiness.
The renewal process is performed via a special email address
Temporary procedures are developed to maintain the level of flight safety, which allows for remote monitoring of airlines ‘ compliance with the current requirements of the legislation “Republic of Kazakhstan Airspace Use and Aviation Operations”. This practice is carried out according to the procedure recommended by ICAO and is applied worldwide.
The webinar also discussed risk factors and ways to control flight safety in Kazakhstan. Thorough control of the industry by the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan will help to develop the most effective procedures, applying the international best practice of state regulation of the aviation industry.
The next webinar will be dedicated to the work of airports. The date and time of the webinar for aviation industry entities will be announced later.

Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan