Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan: "Today, the air transportation services needs State support measures"

Created on 21.04.2020 11:25

The global aviation industry is one of the most seriously areas affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is experiencing the gravest crisis throughout its history. Unfortunately, the negative consequences of new infection also concerned the civil aviation industry of Kazakhstan, according to ATO portal. In total, based on the decisions of the State Commission, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus so far 438 flights per week (from 442 to 4 frequencies) on 97 routes, or 99% of all international flights have been reduced to international destinations.

According to ICAO forecasts, in the first half of 2020, the number of seats offered by airlines would be reduced by 51%, also over 500 million passengers will be decreased. At the same time, airline operating losses would amount to $ 124 billion. The IATA estimates the industry’s revenue loss due to decrease of the number of passengers  in 2020 by $ 252 billion.

According to forecasts, in March – April 2020, in Kazakhstan, the number of passengers carried  has decreased by 70%. From the reduction and flight limitation, Kazakhstan airlines lost 235 billion tenge, airports - 24.5 billion tenge. Along with other industries, civil aviation is actively involved in the evacuation operations, delivery of humanitarian supplies. It is also worth noting the dedication of Aviation Staff when organizing repatriation flights.

Currently, the air transportation services needs Government support measures. At the moment, the government has been proactive in promoting an decision-making actions to minimize the pandemic consequences and  to initiate the civil aviation industry rehabilitation in Kazakhstan. All international experts note that aviation history has never seen anything like this before.