Kazakhstan won't resume flights abroad

Created on 04.06.2020 11:54

Kazakhstan citizens were advised to postpone the purchase of tickets before the official permission of international flights.

Sadvakas Baigabulov, the Chief Medical Officer for transport, had recommended Kazakhstan citizens to delay the purchase of air tickets to international destinations.

Chief Medical Officer noted that there is no need to purchase tickets that are offered by airlines to international destinations. He specified that Kazakhstan is opened only for official flights within country while international flights are still closed.

Baigabulov recalled that domestic flights were resumed gradually. Previously, the Civil Aviation Committee made the similar statement. According to the agency, ticket sales from Kazakhstan to other countries and back have begun on various sites, but that does not mean that the flight would operate actually.

From May 1, Kazakhstan was resumed gradually flights. At the initial stage, passengers were needed a certificate of a negative PCR test for coronavirus. Later this requirement was canceled. From June 1, roadblocks have been removed, as well as railway and road links between the cities have been resumed.