Nur Sultan Airport is assigned the NQZ code

Created on 23.06.2020 08:38

Since June 8, 2020, Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport is assigned a new NQZ code, which will be displayed in all reservation systems, boarding passes, luggage tags and information boards, according to, business information center, with reference to the press service of the Ministry for Industry and Infrastructure Development.

“Since 2014, Kazakhstan has been actively undertaken the three-letter code of the Nur-Sultan airport, assigned by IATA. Despite the IATA principles on assigning a code to airports around the world once and permanently, Kazakhstan has been achieved positive results in this direction, ”the message says.

Jointly with IATA representatives, it was decided to amend the IATA's approaches on assigning and changing airport codes. These modifications were supported on October 14, 2019 in Warsaw (Poland) at the IATA Passenger Standards Session including all IATA members.