FlyArystan terminates flights to Uralsk

Created on 03.07.2020 10:36

FlyArystan terminates regular flights from / to Uralsk from June 20 this year, according to with reference to the airline's press service. According to the airline, this decision was adopted after the refusal of Uralsk International Airport to operate FlyArystan flights in accordance with a previously signed agreement.

"In particular, the air harbor is not ready to serve FlyArystan aircrafts during evening and night hours. In this regard, the first Kazakhstan low-cost airline is forced to abandon flights to Uralsk, since it does not have the ability to operate long-haul flights in the daytime," FlyArystan stated. Almaty-Uralsk-Almaty flights have begun to be implemented in May 2019, and since the start of activity, the low-cost airline has transported more than 111 thousand passengers.

“It is worth noting that with arrival of FlyArystan, the passenger flow of Uralsk International Airport has been increased by 20 percent from May to December 2019. FlyArystan has stated of their readiness to fulfill its obligations to passengers who bought tickets from June 20 to October 25 this year, and they will be transported on Air Astana flights. For the record, Almaty - Uralsk - Almaty flights will be operated by the parent company Air Astana from June 21, "the airline concluded.