All domestic Kazakhstan flights will continue operating under strict quarantine

Created on 14.07.2020 10:29

Kazakhstan airlines will continue operating flights under strict quarantine, said Talgat Lastaev, Chairman of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development, reports.

"In accordance with the decision of the State Commission, domestic flights are fully maintained. Currently, domestic flights are operated in 45 directions, about 500 flights a week, 71 flights a day. All of them will be saved and scheduled," Lastaev said at the SCS briefing session.

Regarding international destinations, Lastaev clarified that previous flights approved by the Interdepartmental Commission will be operated.

"Currently, international flights are operated in two directions - Turkey and South Korea. However, the day before we've received a formal notice that from today the entry into Turkey for Kazakhstan citizens is limited, except for those citizens who have a Turkish residence permit and a work permit. To other citizens the entry will be limited," he added.