Qazaq Air found out a damage on board : its operation is temporarily suspended

Created on 27.07.2020 13:09

After discovering damages on the Qazaq Air aircraft, arriving in Nur-Sultan, the airline has decided to suspend the aircraft operation, reported.

According to the press service of the MIID of Kazakhstan, Qazaq Air aircraft operated from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Nur-Sultan at 17.21. "After the flight inspection, seven point damages were found in the middle of a fuselage closer to the tail. The Nur-Sultan Airport Security Inspection is working at the aircraft parking area," the ministry's press service stated.

Kazakh airline's press service commented on the incident. "During a constant pre-flight inspection of an aircraft, traces of the hull were found on the airline's aircraft at the Nur-Sultan international airport. Relevant services were immediately informed. QAZAQ AIR is concerned about the safety of its passengers, and therefore it was resolved to suspend the board operation until a complete analysis and verification by the Aviation Technical Service of the airline," Qazaq Air's press service noted.

"Aviation safety is a top priority for Qazaq Air, and in this regard, the company refrains from making further comments until the complete analysis on this case. We also inform you the flight program is being carried out on schedule," the company's press service concluded.