Garage of Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya"

Created on 24.08.2020 10:46

The building of parking garage of Aktau branch of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsiya" was built in 1984. The garage building had been lacking heating, water supply, plumbing and ventilation for a long time. During winter period the buildings used heaters. There was carried out only regular repairs (roofing repairs). Repairs and technical maintenance of cars were carried out in cold rooms, which was very inconvenient. The parking garage was not equipped with any equipment.

According to the Investment Plan of the Enterprise for 2017-2020, the parking garage building was put into operation in August 2020 after complete overhaul. For employees all comfortable conditions have been provided. At present, the garage has: autonomous heating, water supply, plumbing, supply ventilation, fire extinguishing system, alarm and air conditioning system. There are new parking gates, windows and a lift for vehicles. The workshop is equipped with a workbench, shelves and a metal storage wardrobe for tools. The cloakroom is equipped with a wardrobe, benches. There are installed video surveillance, perimeter lighting. The site has been landscaped - there have been laid asphalt paths and the lawn has been sown.