Atyrau branch has fulfilled an honorable mission, their employee was departed for his merited retirement

Created on 02.09.2020 08:50

Taizhanov Uzakbay, the first class driver of the Atyrau branch's Administrative and Economic Division, was a 23-year-old young man, who came to work in civil aviation area. He has spent as a driver for 40 years of his professional life. Over the years, colleagues knew him as a wonderful soulful person, and he was a model of hard work and kindness for young people. There are thousands of miles of roads travelled in the rainstorm, slush, bad weather and sunny days in the continental Atyrau. He loved his loyal, faithful car, reacting to any movement of his hands! He has all categories "A", "B", "C", "D", "E". He worked tirelessly for the enterprise's benefit, was careful with technology and always was driving with confidence, being sure that the technique was in perfect order, because he never forgot that traffic safety largely depend on drivers. For achievements in performing production tasks, ensuring a performance, Uzakbay Musagalievich was awarded the badge "20 zhyl Kazaeronavigatsia RMK" of the Director General of RSE" Kazaeronavigatsia".

And although he is already a retiree, he is not going to stay at home yet, he is a professional driver, and he will continue working for converting good intentions of his grandchildren, family, and driving them in his own car.

Our team sincerely thanks him for a long, glorious, working life, we wish him happiness, health and long life.