Swiss pilot jumped from solar-powered aircraft for the first time

Created on 14.09.2020 08:39

Rafael Domzhan, Swiss engineer and pilot, made the world's first skydiving from a solar-powered aircraft, reported. Onboard there were two pilots - test pilot Miguel Iturmendi and Rafael Domzhan.

The aircraft took off from the Swiss city of Payerne aerodrome, reached an altitude about 1,538 meters and developed a cruising speed of almost 100 kilometres per hour. Rafael Domzhan jumped out, was able to open his parachute on time and return to the Payerne aerodrome. The pilot set two records at once: the first jump from an electric aircraft, and the first "solar" free fall.

This vehicle is 8.5 meters long and has a wingspan of 24.8 meters and weighs 450 kg. Solar panels cover 22 square meters. Its first flight was in 2017. The goal of the project's engineers is to bring the aircraft into the stratosphere at an altitude of 25 km. In May 2020, the aircraft has already reached almost 8 km.