A veteran-employee who dedicated his life to civil aviation, was honored at Atyrau branch

Created on 18.09.2020 08:40

The management and the Trade Union Committee of the Atyrau branch, honored a retirement-age employee Tanatar Mendigaliyev, Flight Director, who devoted his life to civil aviation regarding his retirement.

Tanatar Ibraevich, veteran of civil aviation graduated from the Riga Civil Aviation Technical College in 1977 with a degree in controlling an aircrafts. After graduation, he found his first employment in Traffic Services of the Guryev Air Squadron. In 1992 he graduated from the  Civil Aviation Academy in Leningrad with a degree in Air Traffic Management. He was working as controller and flight director of the ATM service. Tanatar Ibraevich devoted more than 45 years to civil aviation. He was repeatedly encouraged by various awards, paid great attention to advance professional education. He was a responsive but demanding mentor for young staff. He is a professional aviator and also an exemplary family man, concerned father. He and his beloved wife Raya raised three wonderful children.