Etihad passengers infected with coronavirus would get paid for treatment and quarantine

Created on 21.09.2020 08:45

Etihad Airways declared it would pay for treatment and quarantine for passengers in case if they become infected with the coronavirus, Simple Flying reported.

All customers who would fly before December 31 current year are entitled to get a free COVID-19 insurance. It begins operating four hours before the flight and finishes 31 days after its completion or upon returning to the country of permanent residence. Its coverage is up to 150,000 euros for treatment, and during quarantine, tourists are able to receive up to 100 euros per day for 14 days.

Etihad special support programme is available 24/7 for anyone requiring insurance. Payments are not allowed for those who flying to a country or region closed due to coronavirus, as well as for cruise passengers. To get insurance, a passenger present a negative coronavirus test result before boarding.