Kazakhstan citizens will be fined due to the lack of masks on the board

Created on 22.09.2020 08:18

Sadvakas Baigabulov, Chief Medical Officer for Transport, has appealed to Kazakhstan citizens to keep a social distance and mask regime on board, otherwise they will be fined, according to NUR.KZ.

Baigabulov said that domestic and foreign airlines are interested in a full-fledged security system against coronavirus. However, our risk is created by Kazakhstan citizens who do not comply with restrictive quarantine requirements on board. According to him, cases of infection are possible after the landing when passengers queue up to quickly get out of the cabin. Basically, social distance is observed during check-in, boarding, but no longer on board.

“There are lot of complaints from our residents that passengers do not observe social distance on board. This week we will develop measures to penalize passengers in case of non-observance of social distance while getting off the aircraft”, the expert promised.