Professional training center

Our mission - is a unified system of competency-based training of aviation specialists in the region

The Professional Training Center (Center) offers employers and employees of the aviation industry modern certified professional training programs. As a full member of the global training system within the framework of the TRAINAIR PLUS Program of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, the PTC defines the application and promotion of international training standards as a key element. 

This is ensured by the TRAINAIR PLUS Full Member status, Center’s ICAO Qualified Course Developers and standardized training packages approved by this organization. Only five training centers that are geographically related to the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office have such a status.

This gives the PTC the right to implement ambitious plans to become an ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE). For this purpose, the PTC's specialists have developed standardized training packages (STP) and compliant training packages (CTP) in Russian and English languages, ISD validators were trained, and the PTC has become a member of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Steering Committee (TPSC).

The Professional training center of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" has comfortable classrooms, modern equipment, developed infrastructure and personnel who annually improve their knowledge in well-known partner training centers.

Working since 2005, the Center has organized professional training in various areas for more than ten thousand aviation specialists working at various aviation enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries.

The Centre's extensive and ever-expanding range of training courses covers most of the key issues relevant to aviation.

The Center is one of the few aviation training centers that operates in an operational enterprise and has the ability to provide practical training on simulators and operational practice, implementing exceptional educational solutions and programs in 67 areas, including:

  • initial, recurrent and refresher training courses  for the Company's personnel: air traffic controllers, air traffic safety electronics personnel, meteorology specialists, and;
  • training courses in various specializations related to flight safety, ground handling of aircraft, obstacle assessment, courses for flight dispatchers, flight examiners, flight information service specialists, instructors of aviation training centers, heads of civil aviation organizations, civil aviation inspectors;
  • training in the field of human factors, aviation law, quality management system and aviation English;
  • English Language Proficiency Testing of the aviation personnel in accordance with ICAO rating scale.

In 2020, the Professional Training Center developed and implemented a training platform for distance learning of the Center's students, which also allows to structure and maintain an electronic library of training materials.

Following the best international practices, the Center systematically organizes and conducts national and international conferences, seminars and meetings in the field of professional training, establishes partnerships and business relationships with well-known international providers of aviation training services, such as the training center of the Joint Aviation Authorities of Europe JAA TO, the French National School of Civil Aviation ENAC, the Czech Institute of Air Navigation, the Singapore Aviation Academy, the DFS Academy. The Center is a member of the Coordination Council under the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) for the training of aviation specialists of the member states to the agreement on Civil Aviation and on the Use of Airspace.

The Professional Training center of RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" is located in Almaty. The total number of the Center is 33 people, the work of the Center is managed by the Director, whose work is determined and evaluated by the management of the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia".

Structural divisions. The work of the Center is provided by:

  • Theoretical Training and Programme Development Division
  • Simulator Training Division
  • Development, Language Training and Testing Division.

The quality assurance system of the Center was developed in accordance with the policy of the International Civil Aviation Organization in the field of quality assurance of aviation personnel professional training, as well as the "Certification Requirements for Aviation Training Centers", approved by the Order of the Acting Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 158 dated February 24, 2015.

Financial and legal support is provided by the relevant structural divisions of the RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia".

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