Information systems


The system of flight plans via the Internet and telephone network (SPPPI) is designed for the timely submission of plans fly aircraft in the EU ATM operational entities of the Russian Federation over the Internet or over the telephone network.

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The coordinate system WGS-84

In accordance with the standards of ICAO, set out in Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, all contracting states are obliged to submit their aeronautical data (coordinates KTA thresholds runways, taxiways and parking areas, radio navigation aids, obstacles, etc.) in the coordinate system WGS-84, as well as ensure the availability of electronic terrain and obstacle on its territory. These requirements are also covered by the Rules provide aeronautical information for aircraft operators, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 29, 2010 № 1441.

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Aeronautical information database

In accordance with the standards and recommended practices of ICAO, set out in Annex 15 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and Doc. 8126 ICAO «Guide to Aeronautical Information Services," the contracting States, in order to improve efficiency, quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of aeronautical information services introduced automation (electronic aeronautical database / information).

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