The system of flight plans via the Internet and the telephone network is designed to enable the timely submission of correct of pre-format-logical control plans fly aircraft in the EU ATM operational entities of the Russian Federation through the Internet using web-based interface or the public telephone network.


The main functions of SPPI

Receiving and processing flight plans received from the authorized users of the airspace over the Internet and the telephone network.
Automatic distribution of flight plans for the nodes of the system in accordance with specified flight plan.
Providing users with service delivery plans fly aircraft and view information about their service.
Providing users with timely information on current and planned use of airspace restrictions imposed by the EU authorities ATM to ensure the safety of air traffic.
Documentation, storage and security view previously submitted plans fly the aircraft.


In SPPI user more available and always up to date background information used in the preparation of their flight plan, it includes:

  • The list of TIR
  • Prohibited areas TTI
  • Zone restrictions TTI
  • Temporary and local regimes and short flight restrictions
  • Work airfields
  • Graphic display (regimes and restrictions)


Restrictions on TTI

Restrictions on IWP presented to the user in tabular and graphical form.