Social responsibility

Since its first days the Enterprise has been  striving not only to achieve high production performance, but also the most efficiently organize its work,   build a high-quality structure of the work, using the global best practices of the air navigation, the corporate management and the human resource development.

In a short time the Enterprise has made significant success. The optimal production chains has been established on the basis of an existing resource, the effective planning system has been implemented, perspective and joint projects have been developed and successfully implemented, having a great importance not only for air navigation, but also the entire economy.

“Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE - this is a socially responsible company, which makes a significant contribution to our society development.  There were developed and implemented a number of social programs in “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE, aimed at the material incentives, consolidation and professional growth of young specialists, care for veterans and disable people, as well as support for other segments of the social sphere of regions, not directly connected with production activities.

The Enterprise finds the role of social responsibility as a voluntary contribution of business to society development in social, economic and environmental spheres, connected directly with the main activities of the Enterprise and beyond the scope defined by law the minimum in accordance with social policy of the Enterprise.

For the Enterprise social aspect of business is becoming increasingly important as an indicator of business reputation and one of the tools that allows to:

  • Establish effective and balanced relations with all parties – the state, personnel, customers and partners;
  • Provide the progressive development of business through a comprehensive development of the society (improving production standards, level of education and health, creation of opportunities for the development of services and improving quality of life).