Staff training

Personnel training and development of “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE is carried out in order to form and maintain the necessary level of personnel qualification taking into account the requirements and perspective of the Enterprise's strategic development.

 The expenses for personnel training are long-term investments in human resource development of the Enterprise.

 The objectives of the Enterprise in the field of personnel training and development:

  • Development and implementation of training system, including the identification of training needs, the planning and the budgeting, the organization of training process and the effectiveness control;
  • Building of corporate training in accordance with the specific business processes of the Enterprise;
  • Formation of corporate training standards;
  • Using of the international best practice, the knowledge, the effective methods of work management in the process of staff training and development;
  • General development of the personnel in the training process: the institute building of the internal trainers and the mentoring, the development of management reserve, the increasing level of corporate culture;
  • Motivation of employees to increasing the work efficiency.

Personnel training and development of the Enterprise is based on the following principles:

  • Systemacity - all the elements of professional training and professional development system should be subordinate to the strategic goal of the enterprise;
  • Dynamism and flexibility - adjustment of the goals and change of the objectives of the Enterprise should lead to a change in goals, directions, priorities, methods and forms of education;
  • Systematicity and continuity - training and development should be not episodic but systematic and planning;
  • Effectiveness - training and development should be accompanied by clear measurable criteria for evaluation of the achieved results;
  • Practical orientation - training and development should focus, first of all on the formation of professional and business skills;
  • Co-responsibility - Student, Head of the structural subdivision, Professional Training Center, Department of Human Resourses and Social Affairs are responsible for the training effectiveness. 

Admission regulations for initial training programme in "Kazaeronavigatsia» RSE


AB initio training courses for aero navigation

Currently, in the Republic of Kazakhstan, there is an insufficient number of professional aviation specialists, despite the fact that the aviation industry is growing rapidly worldwide, andfor Kazakhstanis a priority.

The current RSE "Kazaeronavigatsia" HR policy allows to support aeronautical industry through the training of young specialists in its own Professional Training Centre in Almaty and in foreign aviation training centers, carried out at the expense of the Company.

We have developed our own complex system of selection on initial training courses and developed the relevant requirements and the procedure for admission of students in the initial training courses.